How to Write the Perfect Wedding Speech

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perfect wedding speech

Be the hero — how to write the perfect wedding speech or toast.

How many times have you been the best man or maid of honor? Mother of the bride? Father of the bride? Not many, I’ll bet.

On the other hand, we’ve been involved with thousands of weddings, and out of all those weddings, and all those wedding speeches, only a scant few stand out. One was a groom who thanked his wife for marrying him, and his guests for being part of their day. That’s pretty much the gist of all wedding speeches, but even wedding speeches can be elevated to memorable, and that’s really what folks should strive for.

The groom I just mentioned delivered a very memorable speech. The reason his stood out (and it was over ten years ago) was because he made it funny and touching. The contrast of emotions made his speech land just right. Everyone laughed, and everyone watched quietly as he spoke honestly to his new bride. Another toast we remember well came from the mother of the bride, again, many years ago, and this mother told a story from the bride’s childhood. Yes, it was a funny story about this girl wishing she could have another mother, and her mother obliging. Ultimately, the mother summed it up with a heartfelt conclusion and we all felt a little closer to the family for sharing.

On the other hand, most wedding speeches and toasts fail to achieve that memorable status. Public speaking is difficult for many people, even something as small and intimate as a wedding can scare people, but being prepared with just the right thing to say can turn a frightening event into a memorable highlight.

Writing toasts and speeches for weddings can actually be a really fun experience. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people you love in a very heartfelt way. If you’re having trouble designing your wedding speech or toast, we recommend the book Wedding Speeches for All. It will guide through the process of creating the perfect wedding speech, no matter who you are.

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