How to Beat BlackJack

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It feels good to walk away from a table with a big handful of chips. It’s good to be the winner. And they say that Blackjack has the highest winning odds for the player. But first you have to know how to play.

Blackjack is a numbers game, based on mathematical probability. Which basically means you can use strategies based on the numbers. These strategies are shown to increase your percentages (odds) of winning. Without a strategy, you may as well be a mind reader. (Discover the strategy we recommend; Click Here!)

So how do you beat blackjack? First, you have to know the basics… should you split those 8’s (yes, always), do you hit your 15 (never!), or double down on 10 (it depends on what card the dealer shows). But these rules will only get you so far.  You won’t be surprised to know that there’s a whole list of what to do and when to do it, and if you follow those rules, you’ll come out a winner. But first, there are a few basic ‘gamer rules’ to adhere to;

  • Find tables playing the fewest decks
  • Don’t stay at just one table all night
  • Stick with a table where dealer stays at 16
  • Play 3 to 2 odds
  • Know how to count quickly
  • Keep track of face cards
  • Walk away from a losing streak

Lots of good card players have come up with systems, but we think the easiest, and most universally agreed upon system is this;

beat blackjack
beat blackjack

We grabbed this breakdown from WizardofOdds.

But, if you really want to beat blackjack, you’ll need experience and a little more training than a cheat sheet. We recommend following a system like Easy Money Blackjack System – The #1 No Card-Counting Strategy. Click Here! It’s a Blackjack Strategy That Requires Minimal Concentration & No Card Counting. And for those of us who are counting-challenged under pressure, that’s a good thing!

On the other hand, host one of our Casino Party Night events and play for free. It’s a great opportunity to practice your new strategies and get ready for the real tables.